ECOR is a revolutionary 100% recycled building and design material that comes in a variety of different forms and can be used for everything from signage to furniture and set construction.

After years of leaning on a patchwork of branded collateral and complicated messaging, ECOR’s manufacturer, NET, was about to start a critical round of fundraising and recognized it was time to step up their marketing.  They hired us to develop a clear, easily digestible brand story and new website architecture that would appeal to consumers, industry players, and investors alike.


Brand Strategy, Brand Update, UI/UX Design + Build, Brand Story and Messaging, Product and Advertorial Photography, Custom Iconography, Responsive Email Design + Build, Email Marketing Strategy + Implementation



Gold Hermes Creative Award, Silver Communicator Award of Distinction


The story of ECOR is so vast and complex, even the company sales representatives were struggling with how to pitch the product.”Yes, but what exactly is it?” was the most common question from would-be customers. “Is it a design material? A panel product? What do I do with it? Where do I buy it?”

After jumping in head first to learn everything we could about the product, the company, and its customer, we distilled the story of ECOR down to its component parts: what it is, what it’s made of (what it’s NOT made of), how it’s made, how to use it, and how it benefits the planet. We then worked to refresh the brand, draft core messaging, art direct new photography, illustrate icon sets, and design a new website that illustrated the ECOR story in a clear, inviting way.


Much of the confusion with ECOR was due to the fact that it is sold in many different forms: from raw, unadulterated panels to surfaced and engineered configurations – even as finished products and pre-fabricated interior installations. To address this, we designed a logical layered flow of content for visitors to explore.





To further simplify the visitor’s search for relevant information, we created a megamenu dropdown for the Products, Applications, and About sections of the menu. Whether a designer, a manufacturer, potential partner or investor, all visitors can find the information relevant to them without ever scrolling down the page.


Using modern responsive techniques, the site was designed to work at any resolution. Front-end development made use of advanced JS frameworks to create an elegant no-compromise solution across all devices.


WORDPRESS is a content driven experience; using our deep knowledge of WordPress’ plugin architecture, we were able to depart from its traditional blog structure and create something wholly unique.


ECOR is so unique – in texture, weight, and form – it is nearly impossible to adequately describe it in words. So we photographed it. Not with standard, ecommerce documentation style-photography, but in a way that made it look iconic. We crafted images that conveyed ECOR’s rigidity, the variety of rich colors and grains, and gave a tantalizing peek at its engineering and design possibilities.


Icons were designed to augment the product storytelling by illustrating the ECOR manufacturing process, as well as its environmental advantages and their implications for the health of the entire planet.

I trust SCENIC ROUTE to provide valuable brand counsel; working with their team is like having a highly skilled, motivated in-house marketing and creative team.

-Darlene Cossio, Director of Marketing and Sales


When well over half of all emails are opened on mobile phones and tablets, it is imperative that they look good on those devices. We created a custom, mobile-friendly and modular email template with the flexibility to create a variety of layouts for different purposes.




We designed and deployed 17 ECOR emails over the course of a year, and elicited a click thru rate averaging 6.5% – that’s more than twice the industry average.

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